Bedroom Research: PROTMAN - BALLOONOMANIA (BR031)

Here is the promo of the new and first release of 2011 for Bedroom Research :


Artwork by Vivi @ Victorbaba



TAGS: Computer Science, Lucky Bag, Freestyle, Nanotech, Lo-Fi, Future Retro, Tracker Beats

Here is an incredibly refreshing yet immersive Lp by Chicago based producer Joe Hahn aka Protman. You probably know him if you already got hooked by labels such as Kracfive, K-rad or Ironchef of Music. Joe has been around since the apparition of nerds on earth and has never failed in posting a constant flow of amazing sketches, tunes and mixes on his own space since then. And the BR team has been a fan from day 1.

Your turn !

With this super rich blend of Early Electronic, Sequencer Music, Techno, Dub, 8bit, IDM, etc. Protman slaloms between microsounds, blips, crackles and cuts reminding AtomTM, Secret Mommy, Raymond Scott or The RipOff Artist, and both catchy and emotive melodies a la Mouse on Mars, Lithops keeping all the trippy way a strong and distinctive personality he has been crafting for more than a decade now. This release, indeed, contains works from 1999 to 2005 and proves once more that true quality music doesn't loose anything with maturation :)

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