Jumbo ImpulseTracker pattern font for Renoise

For quite a while I was running Impulse Tracker and Schism Tracker on a 28" 1920x1200 screen. Both apps run natively at 640x400 which gave me a nice fullscreen experience with no aliasing or anti-aliasing. Every pixel was represented cleanly at 3:1.

I've created a Renoise pattern font based on the default ST/IT pattern font to recreate this experience. I find this jumbo size helps maintain the focus on the pattern data, and lends to thinking about sequencing on a more microscopic level.

I simply edited an existing font with FontForge and overwrote the necessary characters. This font would be relatively useless for any purpose aside from Renoise, and it is not well tested, but seems to work after using it for a bit.

To use it, find the fonts directory in the Renoise application directory, and save over one of the PatternFontSIZE.fon files, restart Renoise, and select it in the preferences.

UPDATE 20130210: I've created a new Jumbo-Mini font for screens that are less gigantic; 1366x768, etc. It has been added to the downloads below.