Saturday 10/24 Castle Tacoskull Presents: An Evening With the Handheld Heroes! / Saskrotch, L-Train, KKrusty, DIspyz, Baron Knoxburry, 5 Step Path, Protman, Royb0t

It was a Tacoskull partini gone scoobycore murder mystery gone 30min digestible format with resolution gone victory orgy. But i'm upset my tweets from my dream did not post IRL. I'm sure they were hilarious.

Castle Tacoskull Presents: An Evening With the Handheld Heroes

live sets from

Saskrotch ( )
Handheld Heroes | 8bitpeoples

Baron Knoxburry ( )
Battle of the Bits

Dispyz ( )
Radio Graffiti | Treble Death System

L-Tron ( )
Handheld Heroes

Five Step Path ( )
Unnamed Label | Bitkins

KKrusty ( )
Handheld Heroes

Protman ( )
Fakebeat | Digital Vomit | Tacoskull

Royb0t ( )
Bludclot | #BASSGANG | Tacoskull

and a quick Handheld Heroes DJ set up front!

Oct 24th @ 3703 W. Irving Park Road No. 2
Chicago, IL
9pm | 5 Dollars

Presented by Handheld Heroes and Castle Tacoskull


Saskrotch - Lost In The Machine Part One

Baron Knoxburry - Loose Tracks

Dispyz - Raverblood

KKrusty - Like Coming Home

Protman - Live at Tessier Ashpool

Royb0t - EP1+2