sunday 10/25 ironchefofmusic @ basscave + telecommute

first icom @ the basscave workspace

testing out the new beta website starting sunday, too.

bring snacks, bev, whatev

*****The sample will probably be dropped at 6pm once everyone is gtg. exhibition at 815p CDT ******

IRON CHEF OF MUSIC is kracfive's PRODUCER BATTLE. Each battle has its own unique ingredients, or audio-samples, that all participants are required to use. No outside ingredients allowed! To make things even more interesting, a time limit is imposed on each match, usually two hours.

Some of the chefs: Octopus Inc, Colongib, Ipa, Kettel, wwcarpen, Proswell, Khonnor, Original Instrument, Deru, KDP, Mr. Burns, Relative Q, Logreybeam, Secede, MNSN, Mshusta, Wankers United, PROTMAN

irc: #ironchefofmusic on EFNET

aim: pr0tman